Tuesday, June 9, 2009


David is waiting to go into surgery right now, he has another washout of his left leg, which according to the Shreveport Times does not exist. Anyway, my Dad is flying in this morning so I am about to go pick him up with our friend Chris who is our FLO (Family Liaison Officer) and fellow EOD guy. ( You can see him pictured below with David comparing stumps) After that David should be out of surgery and my Dad will go sit with him while I go take care of some pressing issues such as getting my travel orders renewed, figure out what happened to the advance on my per diem that was supposed to be direct deposited two weeks ago, and finally head down to the pharmacy to get a refill. I have gotten used to sitting around and doing nothing all day, so this is a REALLY busy day for me. :)


Danny said...

I hope the surgery goes well. I plan on coming to see you when you are up for it. We love you and there are many people praying for you.

Uncle Danny

Preppy 101 said...

You and David and your mom and Ward 57 are on my mind everyday. Just wanted you to know that we haven't forgotten about what you and David are enduring. xoox