Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday and Saturday

I just got back from David's room and of course can't fall asleep, so here are some updates from the past 2 days.

Dave and I were interviewed for the Air Force TV (?) about our Recovery Care Coordinator and how it is vital to have someone here for you and your family. Our RCC, Mr. F is awesome (which is nice because we didn't have to make up how great he is for the cameras). He has handled all the little stuff that we either would not know to do or did not know how to do. Plus he has the best personality, you can't be in a bad mood after talking to Mr. F! Dave did a great job on camera despite being on loads of drugs!

Dave's Mom and Granny flew in yesterday afternoon.

2 EOD guys from the Barksdale Shop (Brian and JT) came up for a VIP and stopped by to see us.

The Barksdale Wing Commander also drove up from a meeting he had in VA to see Dave and we had such a great visit with him!


I slept in while Mom and Granny spent time with Dave. He had PT at 1:30 and right before he scooted off one of the nurses told him to wait that a "distinguished guest" was about to arrive. It was Angelina Jolie! She spent about 20 minutes talking with Dave and taking pictures! Then after she left the liaison came around and handed out gift bags signed by her with a gift card to Best Buy worth $1,000!

PT ran a little long and Dave returned to the room ready for a nap.

We found out that he will have one more surgery Monday morning for a cleanout, then next Tuesday the 30th he will have another flap surgery on his left leg. They will take 3 of his 6 pack (ab muscles) and attach to his leg. We are really counting on this to work (as Dave is quickly running out of muscles for them to take). Too bad he does not need fat and skin because being the generous and loving wife that I am, I would donate in a heartbeat!

Tuesday Dave will have his official Purple Heart Ceremony. The Chief of Staff of the Air Force (the one that met us on the plane) will present Dave and 2 other AF guys their PH's. I will remember my camera and plan on taking lots of pictures.

That's about it or at least all I can remember right now. Tomorrow should be a nice relaxing Saturday!


Anonymous said...

God bless you, Liz and David. I am praying for you both.
Thanks for listing the organizations that we can contribute to to help wounded vets.
I will post the list on my site.

Paula said...

You two have had a busy couple of days. It's grat that so many family members have been able to visit. Angelina Jolie just went way up on my stars that I like list after reading that she visited with you and other injured soldiers. What a great thing to lift your spirits!!

Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

Sounds like things are moving along. I have to agree with Paula, Angelina Jolie just moved up on my respect chart.
My fingers are crossed that the next flap surgery goes well. I too, would offer to donate some fat if only it was useable, ha!

Preppy 101 said...

We will definitely be praying for David's surgery to work! So glad he is getting this wonderful care.

How are you?

I am not a fan of AJ, but I am impressed with what she did. I like that she didn't do it for publicity purposes.
Thinking about y'all and praying for y'all every day! xoxo

Mrs. Jetplane said...

Hi Sweetie, glad to see things are moving in the right direction. AJ? Holy Cow, I do like her... I'm sure your hubby didn't ask to many questions about Brad and the kids?

That's wonderful that she came to visit the guys/girls. Stay Strong honey... I'm looking forward to getting to learn more about the PH ceremony.

Susie Q said...

My goodness...I might not like everything about AJ, but I have respect for her--and the fact that she doesn't insist her publicist tell everything that she does...that's great.

have fun with the best buy card!