Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

Back on 57

We left the ICU this afternoon and settled back into a new room on Ward 57. David feels much better and even did a little PT when he got back. We all feel very relieved to be back "home"!

My Dad flew in this morning and he is sitting with David right now talking golf. My
Mom and I came back to the Mologne House to relax before I go back and spend the night with David.

Friday ICU update

David did well last night in the ICU, his new nurse was great. My mom got there around 5:45 this morning and called to tell me the Dr.s would be by in 5 min, so I showered and left as quick as I could. Of course I get there and no Dr.'s. We talked to a few but not the important one who will help us decide what to do next with the Leg. I have been telling every single Dr. or nurse who will listen what happened yesterday. I'm pretty sure people will be fired.

It looks like we may be moving back to 57 this afternoon since there is no reason to keep him in ICU now. He is doing good, a little discouraged about the flap not working, he really does not want to be a double amputee, so we are going to explore EVERY option before making that decision.

Pictures from David's Team Chief, Lilly

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Emergency Surgery Update

The flap that was placed in David's leg has failed to connect. There were issues in the ICU and it may or may not have been the nurse's assigned to him fault. The Dr. called me when the emergency surgery was over and took full blame for not checking in on David earlier. We are trying to stay positive, in the morning the Dr.'s will be checking on David in the ICU and devising a new plan. When I left him tonite he had a new nurse (after I voiced my concern about the old team) and he was sleeping. My mom is here with me right now and we plan on getting to the ICU around 6am so we do not miss the Dr making rounds.

Hopefully in the morning we will have a new plan and some good news to share!

Emergency Surgery

David had to go in around 2pm today for emergency surgery, the flap they put on his leg was having some blood flow problems. I will post more info when I get something.

Chief of staff of the Air Force Gen Schwartz and David when we touched down back in the US, General Schwartz was the first one on the plane to talk with David.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well here I am getting back into blogging 2 weeks till our one year anniversary. As most of you may know, David, my husband stepped on a land mine May 11, 2009 while in Afghanistan. It has been a crazy 2 weeks (I will get into that later). Right now we are living at Walter Reed in D.C.

I figure blogging will keep everyone updated and be therapy for me.....

I guess I should start off by explaining what happened. David and his team were checking out an abandoned building with a large courtyard in the middle. The Afghan National Police had asked for their help. David had just found a large weapons cache and was approaching it when he stepped on a landmine. He stepped on it with his right leg and immediately lost that leg from the knee down, the blast also shattered his left leg completely. He stayed conscious the entire time and actually had the presence of mind to control fall back into the hole that he made from his blast. He broke his wrist during the fall.

Another EOD guy ran in and saved his life along with an Army medic. David is only alive right now because of these two men and their quick and correct response.

Back in the states it was 5:26 am on Monday May 11th and I awoke to "the knock". This is what every single military wife lives in fear of. I never thought I would get the knock.

Thursday May 14th I left Shreveport with my escort Brian (fellow EOD guy who literally had just come back from Afghanistan 3 days earlier) We had to go to DC to get an emergency passport for me to get to Germany. Then Friday night we left DC and arrived in Landstuhl, Germany Saturday morning. I got to the hospital just as David was coming out of surgery.

We left Landstuhl Sunday afternoon on a C17 military aircraft and arrived back in DC Sunday night. We were taken by ambulance to Walter Reed and have been here for the past week and a half.

Right now David is in his 5th surgery since we arrived. This one will take 9 hours, they are removing muscle from his back so they can create a flap to cover the bones in his lower left leg. This will also end up looking kind of like his calf. He will also have bone shards removed and dead bone cut out.

Right now we are being told recovery time for the left leg will be 9-12 months. The doctors also gave him the option of removing it now to avoid the long painful surgeries he will have to endure to lengthen the remaining bone and the recovery process.

David has a great attitude and realistic outlook. I am so proud of him, he has made it clear he wants to stay in the Air Force and EOD.

I am going to try to update regularly with stories and pictures.