Saturday, June 13, 2009


Dave got in his wheelchair again today and we made a break for it! Katz's Deli (as in the When Harry Met Sally famous scene Katz's) catered a little event over at the Mologne House and we snuck over for a few minutes. Dave enjoyed a hot dog and cheesecake then we rolled back over to the hospital. He was tuckered out and fell asleep right after they moved him back in his bed.

In the next time zone over, my mom and all the Barksdale EOD guys (+ a few more) had our entire apartment in a U-haul in 2 hours! Dave and I are fortunate to be able to give back some of the generosity we have received by donating some of our furniture to a family whose house burned down a few days after Dave was hit. God Bless you Mr. Nevis and family, I hope our things work out well for y'all!

Also I don't think we could ever repay Brian, the EOD guy who accompanied me pretty much around the world and stayed with us for a week after getting to WR. He and his Dad are helping us out yet again by driving the Uhaul to Monroe (2 hours from Shreveport) to meet my Dad. His flight was canceled from Memphis to Shreveport, he was able to get one to Monroe but it meant someone following my Mom in with the U-haul. Brian and Family- Dave and I love you, Thank you for everything!


Preppy 101 said...

How wonderful to have such great friends and support. So glad y'all got to go on a little field trip today ;-) xoxo

Lamp Tramp said...

We are SO HAPPY that David got out in the fresh air and sunshine for the first time in a month!
Dad celebrated David's major accomplishment with a martini and a Cuban cigar at 9:00 PM (at the pond) after our long drive home from Shreveport-Monroe-Diamondhead. Dad knows fully well what David has to go through just to do a simple thing as get in a wheel chair for 30 minutes. We are so proud of you both.
I echo the THANKS to Brian and his Dad, the EOD guys, Marilyn & JJ, Tom K., and all the other AF guys that showed up this morning. They were all awesome and it was all a collaborative effort. We still have tomorrow morning....unloading. We have David's family and lots of Stennis Space Center people lined up to help us unload.
Love you both....
Mom & Dad

Mom in High Heels said...

I came over here from your mom's site. I wish you and David all the best and will be following your progress. I read your post about "the knock" and my heart plummeted. The knock is my biggest fear. I can't even imagine how you felt.
Thank David for his service, and big thanks to you for your sacrifices.

Bobbie said...

What an exciting day! I know it must have felt good to feel that sunshine on your face! I bet that was the best tasting hotdog and
cheesecake ever! We're so proud of you and we know this is a great start to a wonderful recovery.
Mom, Steve and Jamie

Jamie said...

I am so proud of you David! I love you and can't wait to see more of your progress! I will see you soon!

Far From Perfect said...

I also came over from your mothers blog- You & your husband are in my daily prayers. Your mother was very sweet to me last year when Dr was in Irag last year. The military has entered our life late- my husband is most likely going to retire from private and teach/train for the Army. He is teaching a C4 course this last 2 weeks.(I don't do military talk very well, learning!)and he's most likely looking at a depolyment this winter??
Best wishes-CyndyK from Nebraska