Monday, June 8, 2009

Article on David

This was in the Shreveport Times yesterday


Lamp Tramp said...

It was a good article even though a few statements are not quite true. Glad I found it. I just got the storage unit. It was nice and clean, with carpet on the floor. It was smaller then I visualized, but without the sofa, it will work.
Any thoughts on the twin mattresses? Hey, I can make slips for the ottoman and green chairs! LOL!
Hope you go to the Spa outing!
Love to you both!!!

The Richardson's said...

I went to High School with Dave, and heard the news via Myspace my thoughts and prayers are with you both. Marcella Verdon Richardson

amydrake12 said...

i went to high school with dave. "flower power" our thoughts and prayers are with you. To us dave you are a true hero! amy amd jordan drake