Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I wish I had remembered my camera, David got out of bed this morning and sat upright in a cardiac chair! His PT, Kyla and her PT student Chad came around 8 this morning and moved him into the chair then took him down to the MATC, which is basically a huge gym. David did arm exercises and did some great stump movements. He has not lost any range of motion in his knee or his hip, which is really great! Kyla was even able to pick up the EX FIX and get that hip moving.

After 2 bad days, it was great to see this progress!

He was really excited to see the Swing Trainer (for his golf swing).


Lamp Tramp said...

This is wonderful uplifting news!
Did the swing trainer come also? This must give David a world of hope. Love you both!

Preppy 101 said...

How wonderful for y'all! So glad there is a swing trainer for the golf swing. I so understand how our guys love their golf. xoxo

Paula said...

It's great to read some good news from you.

dkfc said...

Glad to hear that Daivid has his priorities in!! I think it is great that he is excited about working on his swing. Hugs to both of you!
Love, Aunt Donna

Melanieshea said...

That is wonderful!!! Hugs!!!

Bobbie said...

What a great day! love you both.

jlpunkin4 said...

Hey Dave!!! Just wanted to say me and Jerm are praying for you and your wife!! Keep being strong!

Love Ya!!


jfoldmixon said...

Hi Dave & wife Elizabeth,

My family & I have you in our prayers and we are amazed at the progress that Dave is making. Keep up the good work! :)


PINK POPPY said...

It was great to hear this news. Have a good weekend.