Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Pictures

Here are some new pictures of Dave's legs and wrist. Today was a nice relaxing day.....laundry-mine at the MH, then Dave's at the hospital, pin care, and some dinner. I am looking forward to a positive and productive week!!!

Everything is healing well, you can barely even see the scar on his wrist! His pin sites are doing better, but that is due to the expert nursing care he is receiving :)

The skin graft is doing well, I took these pictures in the middle of a dressing change. We need a few more layers of skin to be built up, and then it won't look quite so much like a football and more like regular smooth skin.

Thank you for all the positive comments, I am hanging in there.....looking forward to David's birthday on the 14th!


Ky Woman said...

Liz and David,

Just wanted to let you know that you have another prayer being said for you both.
David, Thank you so much for what you were doing. I have several friends who are in Afghanistan right now.

Y'all hang in there! If there's anything I can send besides the prayers, please let me know.

{{Angel Hugs}}

Preppy 101 said...

I got your sweet comment! I wanted to add that it is quite okay to attend a pity party every now and then!! ;-) {hugs} xoxo

Tami said...

Found your site thanks to Airman Mom. Thank you David!! You are a true Hero.
Liz, thank you also, you both are in my prayers and I look forward to reading more about your recovery.

God Bless,

Lisa in DC said...

David and Liz,
Hang in there and don't ever forget that there a lots of people thinking of you and sending prayers your way. I hope that next time you have a day pass it turns out to be a high energy day! DC really is a great place to poke around.

David, thanks for your service and sacrifices - I'm humbled and grateful.

Liz, thanks for standing right beside him and pressing through.

With prayers and best wishes,

HeartBass said...

Liz and David,
I, too, was sent to your blog by AirmanMom, a dear friend of mine. Your story is incredible and inspirational. Thank you, David, for giving so much of yourself for your country, both literally and figuratively. God bless both of you and may He grant you a speedy and complete recovery.

I also want to let you know that I live in the DC area and would be happy to help you out in any way I can. I raised two sons -- one is just a year older than David -- and my heart hurts for all you are going through. Please feel free to contact me through my blog or e-mail if I can do anything to help you get through this trying time.

Best wishes from HeartBass.

Jennifer said...

I don't live in DC, but if I did, I would come for a visit and help you 2 out any way I could...I figure if you are a friend of my brother's, you must be something good. Now I know it is 2 are 2 great examples of human beings! May God bless you always!

Jen Schwartz