Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day Off

Today, Dave had a day off in PT/OT, so we slept in and I went shopping! Just picked up a few necessities and then picked up a girlfriend who had to drop off their rental car. Now they are without a vehicle and she has to go to work in Alexandria everyday on the Metro. Dave did his thing, sleeping and getting ready to smoke a cigar tonight on the veranda.

Tomorrow night we will have dinner at the Capital Hill Club, I am a little embarrassed to go there with the group from the MH, last week at dinner people were in Tshirts and jeans or athletic shorts. So this should be great:

"Dress: Members and guests are courteously requested to observe the following regulations regarding dress at the Club. Gentlemen will please wear coats and ties in the Main Dining Room. Coats with sport shirts will be acceptable throughout the other areas of the Club. Current trends dictate the acceptability of ladies’ high-fashion attire. (House Rules of the Capital Hill Club)

Dave and his favorite quilt-made by a friend of our Aunt Donna's


AirmanMom said...

The quilt is lovely! Can't wait to see the photos of your night on the town!

dkfc said...

Can't wait to hear about and see pics of the "dressed up" night out. Thanks for the shout out for the quilt!

Far From Perfect said...

getting dressed up-out on the town and a cigar too... your solider will be wiped out! Do you get to sleep in tomorrow???

Jennifer said...

yea.. what they all said!