Thursday, October 8, 2009

Solo Ridin'

Today was a great day!  Dave did some great things at PT and OT, weightlifting and balancing.  We left after PT to go grab stuff for his dress uniform.  We are going to the Red Cross Fire and Ice Ball next Sat, Dave will be wearing his sevice dress uniform.  We had to add a couple more ribbons (5 full rows) and get his new rank sewn on the jacket.  Still trying to figure out how he will put his pants on (and keep them on)

Then we drove around town to Legal Seafood and had an early dinner and then some shopping, got a few goodies but no dress for me!  So will have to continue the search this weekend!

It was really good to get Dave out all day, he needs this distraction so he doesn't get so focused on the pain just sitting around in bed.  He did great getting in the front seat of the car, and its much easier on me with the new lighter wheelchair.  We will be getting around much more now!

Yesterday at Amputee Clinic, the docs changed his meds around, and we are really hopefull that this is going to work out better for us.  Just after talking to them makes me hopeful.

Tomorrow will another fun day for Dave, he will be golfing on this:


Princess Freckles said...

I saw a whole segment on those golf carts this summer. What a neat tool! I hope he likes it!

Wife of a Wounded Soldier said...

Have fun at the Fire and Ice Ball we went in 07. It was a blast! The Red Cross really knows how to throw a party in DC!