Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Busy Schedule

The next few days will be pretty busy for us, tomorrow Dave has an amputee clinic apointment, OT, PT, then he meets with his prosthetist after. Since Dave is walking more, his leg needs to be adjusted so it fits better and doesn't hurt him. Thursday we are going to the Pentagon and Dave will be helping to hang the new Air Force Battle Streamers and a reception after. Friday is not so bad, then Saturday I am hosting a bachelorette party for one of the girls here. Just a few of the girls around here going out, nothing too big. So it should be a fun weekend!

Rant of the day:
The Mologne House is having a scheduled hot water outage (again) tomorrow. This will be the 4th "Annual" hot water outage since I arrived here in May! Grrrr.... It always takes 2 more days then they say to actually get really hot water again. Just frustrating!

Happy of the day:
Janelle and Marty, friends from Shreveport, came to visit us tonight!


Wife of a Wounded Soldier said...

Yeah the water hot water outgage happened on my husband's birthday. It was really annoying because we wanted to go out to dinner. It came on at like 8 pm we had a later dinner. Hope it gets better I loathe the Mologne House.

Preppy 101 said...

Hot Water Outage = Ouch! Looks like a good week! Hope the party is great! Hey, how is your mom? She hasn't posted in a while or is my reader messed up? Tell her Hi and hugs to all of you. xoxo

Jennifer said...

That is terrible! Why does that keep happening? Maybe they need larger tanks or whatever they use to make heat the water?