Thursday, May 28, 2009

Emergency Surgery Update

The flap that was placed in David's leg has failed to connect. There were issues in the ICU and it may or may not have been the nurse's assigned to him fault. The Dr. called me when the emergency surgery was over and took full blame for not checking in on David earlier. We are trying to stay positive, in the morning the Dr.'s will be checking on David in the ICU and devising a new plan. When I left him tonite he had a new nurse (after I voiced my concern about the old team) and he was sleeping. My mom is here with me right now and we plan on getting to the ICU around 6am so we do not miss the Dr making rounds.

Hopefully in the morning we will have a new plan and some good news to share!


Fran said...

Good thoughts and prayers coming to you and David from Maine.


KLC said...

I missed you when you stopped blogging awhile back, but I am so sad that you are back under these circumstances. I will pray for you and you amazingly brave husband!

Melanieshea said...

Here from your Mom's blog. Praying for you and David!!!!!

Amanda said...

I used to read your wedding blog (I loved it!) and I am happy to see that you're blogging again, but certainly would have never wished that it would be because of this type of incident. I was so saddened to hear about what happened to David and I think about you two often. As a student finishing up my masters in psychology, you are correct that this will be a great therapy for you. Although I do not currently have a blog of my own and can only be reached through email, please feel free to know that I can be a resource whenever you feel you need to talk to someone! I am so grateful that there are men just like David serving for our country. I'll be praying for you two!

Jennifer said...

Sending many prayers and hugs your way. I wish your David a speedy recovery with as few complications as possible. I am here from your Mother's blog. You are blessed to have such strength and support from her. Thank your husband for his dedication, service, and sacrifice. And thank you for being a supportive wife. As the wife of a veteran who served during the first Gulf War, I understand many of the emotions and stress that come with the job. You all are in our prayers.